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The Branch keeps copies of documentation, the originals of which are on file in the Dominion office. Much of this material relates to certification 'proofs' linking member applicants to their loyalist ancestors. Additional material is also held which the Branch genealogist has not sent to Toronto but which may be quite helpful to people researching specific surnames. There follows a list of loyalists whose descendants' proofs have been accepted:

Adams, Thomas Wayne
Alguire, Martin
Anderson, Samuel
Banta, Weart
Bestedo, Jacob
Bond, John Capt.
Bradshaw, Asahel
Bradshaw, James
Campbell, Robert
Carman, Michael, Sr. & Jr.
Clow, Henry
Collard, Abraham
Cook, John
Cramer, Peter
Etter, Peter
Everson, John
Farlinger, John
Fike, Daniel
Forsyth, James
Fulford, Jonathan Sr.
Gallinger, Michael Sr.
Green, Adam
Green, John
Girty, Simon
Hawley, Jeptha
Hill, Nazarath
Hudgins, William Sr.
Jackson, Jethro
Leach, James
Lindsay, James
Loucks, Jacob
Mallory, Enoch
Marcellis, John
May, William
McDougal, John
Moore, Samuel
Morehouse, Daniel
Morehouse, Donald
Munro, Hugh
Olmstead, Thomas
Overhald, Ivan
Overholt, Staats
Pawley, Jacob
Pond, John
Prindle/Pringle, Joel
Purdy, Gabriel
Schram, Valentine
Scott, Daniel
Seeley, James & Augustus
Shewman, William Fredrick
Smith, Frederick
Smith, Richard
Smith, Jacob
Thompson, William
Vail, Daniel
Van Kleek, Simeon
Van Kleek, Simon Sr.
Walker, Daniel
Walker, Thomas
Walker, Weeden
Williams, Jonathan

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