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Branch History

Here you'll find news clippings and other items of historical importance to the branch. Clicking each photo will open a larger version. To get a downloadable version of each image, click the photo you wish to download, then click "Go to link" beneath the description.

Winnipeg Sun - Pan Am Games

A clipping from the Winnipeg Sun following Princess Anne's visit for the Pan Am Games. Published July 25, 1999.

UEL Plaque Unveiling - Gazette

An article from the Autumn 1968 edition of the Loyalist Gazette, regarding the unveiling of the UEL Commemorative Plaque.

UEL Plaque Unveiling Cont'd

UEL Plaque Unveiling Cont'd.

Winnipeg Free Press - May 10, 1999

A Winnipeg Free Press clipping from May 10, 1999, covering the anniversary of the 1783 landing of the Spring Fleet of Loyalists.

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