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Honourary Fellows

A new position called "Honourary Fellow" is being created by Dominion and will be in the new bylaws. It will replace the previous position termed "Honourary Vice President".

The Honourary Fellow will be someone who:

  • has a position of authority or prominence in Canada

  • will be made a "Fellow of the Association" -- in a working relationship to support and promote Loyalist matters such as learning, teaching, research etc.

  • does not need to necessarily be UE themselves

  • will have a term of 3 years, and additional terms may be added

  • there can be more than one Honourary Fellow at a time, up to a total of 10

  • anyone can submit a nomination

There will be a specific form posted on the Dominion website with categories to be filled in.

This new position was discussed and voted for at the AGM.

This year's "Honourary Fellow" is Nathan Tidridge.

He was presented with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal by the Prince of Wales in 2012. A high school history teacher, he won the Premier's award for Teaching Excellence [Teacher of the Year, 2008]. Nathan is the author of Beyond Mainland, Canada's Constitutional Monarchy and Prince Edward, Duke of Kent. He lives in Waterdown, Ontario.

In 2018, Tidridge has been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal by Gov. Gen. Julie Payette for his dedication to Canadian education, with the focus on the Crown's relationship with Indigenous communities.

Thanks Sandy for the report on the Honourary Fellows.

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